Frequently asked questions

Where are the Rampage program locations?

The Rampage programs are offered at 3 location in DeWinton, Okotoks and High River.  For exact location address, please go to the Training Centers page.

What ages are the players for the Rampage programs?

The Grassroots program is for athletes ages 8-14  who have no experience or minimal exposure to volleyball and need a starting point to learn and build their basic skills.

The Academy program is for athletes ages 12 - 16 who already have basic fundamentals of volleyball and have either gone through the Rampage Grassroots program or another volleyball program or have played on their school team.  If you are uncertain if the Academy program is for your athlete, we recommend that they start in the Grassroots program and we can assess to have them move up if required.

How long are the programsWhat are the program fees?

Both the Grassroots and Academy program typically run 8 weeks in length from September to May.  There may be shorter programs ran in the summer or at the end of the season when time does not allow us to fit in 8 weeks.

The costs differ from location and dependent on the program offered.  Program cost can be seen on the specific page of each location and program offered.

What will my child need to wear or bring to the sessions?

The following are items that athletes should have for the sessions:

  • Please ensure all athletes bring indoor runners to change in for the session.  This will help with keeping the facility gym floors clean.  
  • Athletes are recommended to wear clothing that they will be comfortable in when running and doing drills during the session.
  • Knee pads are not required, but some athletes like to have them to wear if they need.
  • It is recommended that players bring a water bottle to session to stay hydrated in between drills.

What is Rampage's Refund Policy for the Grassroots / Academy programs?

For refunds requested prior to the start of the program, a $20 processing fee will be deducted from the registration cost.

Once the program has started, a deduction of $35 for each session that has commenced along with the $20 processing fee.

No refunds will be done after the program is in the third session, with the exception of cancellation from Rampage due to circumstances from the government (lock down).

Do you have league tournaments for those wanting to play more games?

The Scrimmage Scramble runs once a month from January to May for interested athletes looking at playing more games.  Further information and registration can be found here!

Is Rampage on social media?

We are on Facebook and Instagram.  Scan the QR code to go to our social media page or click on the underlined link.  You can also search Rampage Grassroots to find us.

Does Rampage have a competitive team program?

Rampage has a competitive co-ed (girls and boys) U12 Junior Team.

For more information on the U12 program, click HERE!