Beach League

Games Coordinator



Get compensated to be in the game! Becoming a Games Coordinator will allow you to get involved and meet new people in the league and great opportunity to be a leader.

This position involves bringing and setting up the equipment, ensuring games start and finish on time and submitting game results to us at the end of the evening. This role requires you to be available for both early and late games unless there are two coordinators who will work together in sharing the role.  



Game Coordinators will be compensated at the end of the season of their league fee.  If two coordinators are sharing the role, they will need to ensure that equipment is given to the other individual for the next week's game start.  Or if both are playing at the same time, 

How to become a Games Coordinator

You can either contact us at: with the subject "Games Coordinator - (your name) " or select the "yes" option on the registration form when you register for the beach league.

We will contact the prospective individuals to confirm that they will be the Games Coordinator for the league.

Beach Scoresheet

Coordinator scoresheet to be printed for each week

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