Rampage Academy

Rampage Academy Volleyball Program

Providing athletes ages 12 -16 looking to further improve, and develop their volleyball skills to the next level

The Rampage Academy is a program designed for athletes seeking to refine, challenge and further develop their skills and fundamentals.  

** Players in the Academy program need to have the basic fundamental understanding of volleyball, be able to pass and set well to have a rally of  3 touches per side, have prior experience through the Grassroots program, other volleyball program or have played on their school team.  Those in the Grassroots program who are looking to move to the Academy program, please confirm with coaches to see if skills are sufficient so that you can succeed at the higher level. **

Sessions for Rampage Academy will be a bit more disciplined than the Grassroots program.  Athletes in the Academy program will see drills of higher intensity and will be working towards solidifying basic skills at every session.  This is a good program for athletes who have played before (school team) with aspirations or considering the possibility of playing club volleyball in the future or for those who do not want the heavy commitments of club volleyball, but still want to play and enjoy the sport.