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De Winton

Scrimmage scramble Saturdays

For athletes who are looking to play more games, Rampage will be running an exclusive Scrimmage Scramble once a month on Saturdays starting January to May.  

This will be pure game play for the entire afternoon geared towards athletes who have been in the Academy program or have previous experience through school team or another volleyball program.  Athletes are expected to have a good foundation for volleyball with passing, setting and having 3 touches for most of the rallies in the games.

A maximum of 28 player registrations will be taken on a first come basis (completed online registration and payment). 

All athletes will be randomly placed on a team for each game played.  Games will be best of two matches played up to 25 (win by 2 points).  If a third match is required, it will be played to 15 points.  

Players will be awarded points for every match won by point differences for games won by their team.  

Coaches will be the referee for the games and have the final call on which team wins the rally point.  The top 3 players with the highest point accumulated at the end of the day will be awarded a prize for being the Scrimmage Scramble winners!

scrimmage scramble 2023

Where: Heritage Heights School (30 32156 Hwy 552E, DeWinton)

Who: Athletes ages 12 - 16 yrs 

(athletes need to have the basic fundamentals of volleyball with the goal of having 3 touches a side)

Date: Saturday, January 20

Saturday, February 10

Saturday, March 16

Saturday, April 13

Saturday, May 11

Time: 12:00 - 5:00pm

Cost: $75 (per Scrimmage Scramble)

Rampage swag available for those interested in purchasing any crewneck sweatshirts, hoodies, or t-shirts.

Benches will be set up against the wall on the sides for parents staying to watch the games.

Please fully complete the online registration below.  There are 4 sections to the registration and once submitted, a copy of the registration will be emailed to you immediately. 

(If you do not receive a copy of the registration emailed to you, please double check that it has been submitted fully as some parents have filled out the form to the end, but did not hit the submit button.)

E-transfer payment can be sent to:

Once the registration has been submitted and payment made, you will receive an email confirmation of registration completion within  3 business days from us.  Thank you.

*Refund Policy*

For refunds to the Scrimmage Scramble requested more than 5 days of the start of the session, a $20 processing fee will be deducted from the registration cost.  Less than 5 days will occur a $30 processing fee.

Full refunds will only be done due to cancellation from Rampage or due to  circumstances from the government (lock down).

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