Skill levels

Volleyball Skill Levels

Playing at the skill level that fits you (your team) best not only gives you a better experience, but it makes for a better game overall.

Teams are generally combined skills with different individual skill levels so don't be intimidated. To be placed in the correct grouping, please know your (or your team's) skill levels. Teams new to beach volleyball should start as recreational and can then move up once teams are ranked according to games played and won after the 3 weeks

Use this page to help you determine which level to start at. When in doubt, start at a lower level as the scheduling will eventually see teams all compete against each other in the same tier and a great way to play against teams at different levels and push yourself to play against teams at a higher level.

NOTE:  For All Skill Levels

The goal of playing in the Rampage Volleyball Adult Beach league is to have good rallies, games and most importantly, have fun! Good sportsmanship is essential, and open communication and camaraderie between teams is encouraged. 

Recreational (C)

Here for the beer and just want to have fun and be active!  

Knows basics of volleyball. Learning to bump, set and spike. May not know all the technical rules of the game. Generally there should be no power hitting with downward authority at the net. 

Don't knock the rec league, games are fun with plenty of good friendly action on the sand. 

Intermediate (B)

Here for the beer and want to step it up a notch but still have fun! 

Players have decent knowledge of rules. Setting ball up more consistently and making plays. Making an attempt to have three hits per side. Can pass, set, spike and block with decent accuracy. Working on overhand serve but still a good amount of underhand serves. 

Developing good sportsmanship skills, average to above average player but mostly just looking to have fun.  

Intermediate Plus (BB)

Still here for the beer but looking for good friendly competition.  

Very good players with years of experience. Can pass, set, spike, block, dig and cover the court defensively on hard hits and serves. Normally two or more strong hitters per team. Keeps majority of serves in play. Setters can set from just about anywhere on the court with good accuracy.  

Competitive but still having fun. 

Advanced Competitive (A)

Here for the beer but maybe after the match. 

Has all of the BB skills and much more. Very competitive players usually collegiate, pro or highly athletic and want to compete with other highly competitive players. Power players can also spike hard, jump serve consistently and cover the court area defensively. Can pass, set, spike, block and dig routinely and make it look easy.  

Competitive players can make some stellar plays and can be fun to watch.  

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